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The Gospel according to Stained Glass Windows

Updated: Jun 12

We serve a God who recycles. He turns what others and society considers useless and broken into works of treasure and vessels of honor. He radically changes men and women as he uses them for his purposes and his glory.

In Acts 9, Jesus Christ appears to a murderer and terrorist by the name of Saul. Saul is knocked off his horse on to his butt and he's blinded. Saul had actually overseen the murder of Steven, the first martyr for the Christian faith.

God took this broken mess of a man and restored his sight. God also partnered Saul with a Christian man by the name of Joseph, who was called, Barnabas. He helped Saul grow into a godly and very different man. Today we know Saul has the apostle Paul.

We can't change by ourselves. Think of all the times you tried to change but stayed around the same friends. No matter how desperate we were to change, we found it impossible. We are influenced by the company we keep and we will fail every time.

But now I want you to think of a stained glass window. It's just a bunch of broken pieces of glass selected by the artist and paired with other pieces of broken glass of different shapes and different colors. The glass does not get to pick the piece that is being connected to - that is the artist's choice.

The lead that holds the pieces together is the Holy Spirit of God that makes all believers into one body. God the Father is the artist who puts all the pieces together, and He doesn't make junk!

And when you look at the finished piece, you see that it's lovely. Yet, the true beauty that it was created to show can only be seen when the light of the sun shines through.

Jesus said that he is the light of the world. Give your life to God today. Let him change your life into something beautiful. Let the Holy Spirit put you with others in the family of God. And stand with us as Jesus shines through to reveal a beauty to the world that is beyond everyone's imagination.

As you are being changed into the person that God created you to be, you will finally become the parent, spouse, child, sibling, and friend you had always wanted to be. If you are a part of the Body of Christ already, what has He changed in you this far? What is God still working on in your in life? God's desire is that all of us become a channel of his grace and love to others.

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