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Radical Recovery Ministries is a inter-denominational* ministry


Our Mission Statement

Helping men and women become the spiritual and moral example within their families once again.


Our purpose and goal is...


  1. To provide churches with a local Christ focused, Bible based recovery** option for their congregants in need.

  2. To support the local churches as the primary vehicle God has chosen to "feed my sheep" (John 21:17) within the local          community.

  3. To guide those in recovery to Christ-centered, Bible-teaching churches as their primary source for growth and Christian         community.

  4. To provide the Christian that is in the bondage of habitual sin the biblical guidance to the freedom, peace and joy found only   through complete (radical) surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

  5. To introduce the lost and seekers desperate to find escape from the path of self destruction that they are trapped on to the     sole source that transforms minds (Romans 12:2) and renews hearts (Psalm 51:10) which is Jesus Christ. 


*We do not like the term "non-denominational" because we feel that the term means that we don't want to identify with the rest of the church while using the term "inter-denominational" we are  as identifying this ministry not only as part of the universal church of Christ as a whole but that we are also part of every member of the body of Christ regardless of the label used. It is time for the Church to unite.


**We have come to understand that the biblical definition of recovery is recovering the relationship with God that we were created for in the first place, and by His grace and power, get rid of anything that gets in the way of that relationship.

rad rec4final.jpg

About the "RADICAL GOSPEL" logo.

The black background represents the sinful nature of all mankind.

The white cross represents the cleansing, the reconciliation, and the restoration of a right relationship with God which is available to all only by what Christ accomplished on the cross.

The red R's represent the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ by which is the only access given to us by which we can take the redemptive work for ourselves.

Eric Salvio
Financial Director
David Kamashian
Executive Director

"You cannot become a new creation without having new behaviors no more than you can become a new creation by doing new behaviors"

David Kamashian

GMOI interview - David Kamashian
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