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RADICAL BEHIND BARS is a ministry to those who are incarcerated in city jails, state prisons, or federal prisons anywhere. This is not just a pen-pal relationship but more of a mentor-discipleship relationship.

RADICAL BEHIND BARS is dedicated in helping men and women become the spiritual leader and moral example within their families again.

This is accomplished partly through a newsletter from RADICAL RECOVERY MINISTRIES that includes devotionals, articles, and even humor to encourage and edify Christian brothers and sisters currently behind bars. This newsletter is also used to bring the gospel message to those "behind bars" who do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Our mission is also accomplished through pen pal/mentors. Today there is a vital need that the men and women currently residing in prisons and jails have, and that is to make solid connections with solid and godly men & women on the outside.


Though common experiences may benefit, they are not always necessary. Remember that it was a landowner, named Barnabas, who discipled a murderer named Saul who, as Paul, would disciple anyone who would listen to him. The result of that relationship is still being felt today, all for God's glory.  To become a mentor, click here.

There are several other ways to get involved. You can let us know of someone incarcerated to add to our mailing list and consider the possibility of partnering with us financially, so the newsletter can reach everyone that wants it and also help us provide bibles and other books to help them grow. You can also let your pastor and church family know about this outreach.


Please contact us for more information.

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