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Jesus says you are His beloved

I love you, I love you with a greater love than you can comprehend. I set aside the perfection and pleasures of heaven to offer Myself as a sacrifice for you. I became a man so I could intimately understand your earthly battles with the flesh, the world, and the evil forces that come against you day after day.

I suffered as no person on Earth will ever suffer. I was despised, spat upon, and beaten beyond human recognition. I was nailed to a cross where I shed My blood as an atonement for you. I rose from the grave three days later, just as I said I would, victorious over every enemy of life you will ever face. I AM your risen Savior. When you are facing the trials and temptations in life, remember that you are never alone. I have given the Holy Spirit to comfort, teach, and guide you through every step of your spiritual journey. Read My Word and pray at the beginning of each day. Be the salt and light to a world of darkness and confusion. Be bold in telling of My love for them. Proclaim without shame the way of salvation. Trust that the Spirit will draw hearts and souls to Me. Serve and worship Me faithfully in the local body of believers I have placed you in. Do not expect the world to reward you for your obedience to Me. I am storing your reward in heaven where you will enjoy it throughout all of eternity. I AM the Bread of Life and the Prince of Peace. Satan will try to distract, discourage, and defeat you. He will use your difficult circumstances to plant seeds of doubt, hatred, and bitterness in your heart. You can resist him (James 4:6-7). Give Me all your pain, persecutions, and problems in life. They are not yours to bear, they are Mine. Bring Me all your bitterness, bondage, and the brokenness of your past. I am not the author of the tragedies you experienced in life. In My sovereignty, I work ALL things out for your good and My glory. Stand firm on the authority of My word and trust Me for the victory (Like 10:19; 1 Cor. 15:57).

Through Me you can triumph over every challenge and trial of this life! I am your counselor and conquering king (1 John 4:4)! I am greater than the ruler that is in this world. Never forget that I am continually interceding to My Father on your behalf. You will walk through many fires and trials in life. Expect them, but at the same time rest in the unwavering assurance of My power, My promise, and My provision. I will lead you; My grace will sustain you. You will not always understand the divine plan I have for your life, but trust Me and Me alone. I alone am your strength, your joy, and your peace in this life and in all of eternity. You are My Valentine, Jesus Christ (This was sent to me from someone on the Radical Behind Bars mailing list and who is a dear friend of mine, Gary Foley, in the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad. My only contribution is the salutation at the end and the images. When I read this, I just had to share it with all of you. dk) If this has helped you, please let us know and share it with someone else.

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